Gluten Free Fried Eggs

gf fried eggs

Comment: If you plan on having home fries and meat with your eggs, you should prepare them ahead of cooking your eggs as eggs will take no more than 3 or 4 minutes. Serve with milk, juice, coffee or hot chocolate.
Cooking time:
Eggs, 4 minutes. Side of potatoes and meat, 20-30 minutes

2 x-large eggs
2 tsp bacon fat or vegetable oil
Salt & pepper to taste

Have your bacon or sausages and home fries already cooked. Hash is quickly heated. Gently crack your eggs on a hard surface and plop them into a small cereal bowl and then slide them into your heated fry pan into which you have added your bacon fat or vegetable oil so that the yoke is up and doesn’t break. Use a fry pan large enough to flip the eggs without worrying if you have enough space. Let the eggs cook until you see the liquidly white begin to dry and then gently flip the eggs over so as to cook the yoke. If you like then over-easy, cook for not more than a minute; if you like them over-medium, cook them a 1 ½ minutes, over-well, 2 minutes, Sunny side. As Is.

Sides: Bacon, Sausages, Corned Beef Hash, Home Fries, Toast made from GF Bread

gluten free fried eggs