Gluten Free Corned Beef Hash

gf Hash

Comment: You can make your own corned beef hash using butter, cooked corn beef, chopped potatoes, onions, spices and a gravy OR you can buy a can of Hormel Corn Beef Hash and enjoy an excellent tasting hash made of meat, potatoes and seasonings. We opt for Hormel.
Heating time:
10 minutes
1 can serves 4 people

1 can Hormel Corned Beef Hash
1 tbl vegetable oil

  1. Heat an 8” fry pan with oil and scoop out of the can as much as you want and drop it in the fry pan over medium heat.
  2. Use a fork to flatten out the chunks of hash and stir/flip occasionally as it cooks until crispy. If you have leftover hash in the can, transfer it to a plastic container with cover and refrigerate but use it up within a week to 10 days.
Gluten Free Corned Beef Hash