Gluten Free Link Sausages

gf Sausage

Comment: Sausages go great with a variety of breakfast meals and we use Johnsonville Original Breakfast Links which are very good.
Cooking time:
10-20 minutes
4 per person

Ingredients:Gluten Free Link Sausages
Fresh or Frozen Link Sausages
Preparation Tip:

Note: Cooking, prep and time as recommended by Johnsonville:
Thaw product thoroughly prior to cooking. Sausage is cooked thoroughly when internal temperature reads 180 degrees F, 10-13 minutes.
Place links is a skillet. Cook over medium-low heat; cook 10-13 minutes. Turn often with tongs to brown evenly.
Place sausages on a jelly-roll pan.  Bake at 375 degrees F for 18-20 minutes, turning sausages halfway through.
Microwave Reheating
Heat links approximately 1 minute on high or until warmed to your satisfaction (adjust time according to your microwave)
Pan Reheating:
Medium temperature in a covered pan for 8-10 minutes.