GF Homecooking  Privacy Policy

General Privacy Statement:
GlutenFreeHomeStyleCooking, hereinafter referred to as GFHSC, will make every endeavor to protect your privacy when you are using our website for its intended purposes which is to convey gluten-free recipes and general information on those who either by choice or need, require a gluten-free diet. Your use of any of this information, including but not limited to recipes, suggestions or recommendations either if initiated by GFHSC or by others contributing such information, conveys your consent and prohibits any form of legal or monetary action if said information does not meet your acceptance or if there are unintended consequences to the user(s).

Personal Information Retrieved Resulting From Use of GFHSC:
During the course of normal use of the GFHSC website information your personal information may or may not be recorded by GFHSC including, but not limited to your name, e-mail address, residential or business address (depending on how you contact GFHSC), land or cell phone numbers, age (if given), gender (if given), particular interests in dietary options or general information that you may choose to relate.

In addition, by electronic analysis’ cookie software, although generally used to track ‘shopping cart’ purchased items and not recipe use, additional information can include the type of computer system you use, your IP address, the time of day you prefer to access GFHSC website, browsing habits, navigation data, the frequency of use and similar data. It should be noted that other electronic sources have the ability to track the usage of viewers to all websites over which GFHSC has no control. You may, however, disable cookie applications from your browser but that may, in turn, restrict your ability to effectively communicate with other features of websites in general.    

How is this data used by GFHSC?
Under no circumstances will personal  information be sold, shared or otherwise provided to any company, electronic mailing house, persons, data collection agencies, food suppliers, recipe sites or other websites but rather, information can be used GFHSC to inform you of new developments, new recipes, modifications to existing recipes and/or to otherwise improve the site as a convenience to you. By reviewing the incoming data we may notice that you are more interested in dinner recipes than breakfast recipes and may contact you with specific additions to the dinner offerings.

Exceptions to the exclusivity of sharing personal information would be in the event that authentic law enforcement agencies demand, by sanctioned court order, that data collected by GFHSC is relevant to their respective pursuit of  a lawful investigation(s)
at which time it would be necessary for GFHSC to reveal its data.

Updated Privacy Information.
From time to time it may be in the interests for GFHSC and/or its users to update its Privacy Information policy to better provide more current applications on the use of private information and you are encouraged to visit this referenced policy as frequently as deemed prudent.    

How to contact GFHSC?
We welcome any opportunity to correspond with our many users of our recipes and by contacting us with your suggestions, your comments, you observations, your complaints, your problems and/or your GF recipe contributions,  we are certain that it will benefit all involved in our quest to provide a better and more extensive source of gluten-free recipes. You may contact us at:

GFHomecooking  Terms & Conditions of Use

GlutenFreeHomeStyleCooking’s Website, hereinafter referred to as GFHSCW, currently lists over120 gluten-free recipes and numerous pantry items, cookware, tips on kitchen equipment and related applications that are accessible to anyone that can access the World Wide Web. There are no restrictions as to who can and cannot access the site; however, if it is deemed necessary to restrict a person, persons, company or companies, organizations or presently unidentifiable sources, GFHSCW reserves the right to do so. GFHSCW reserves the right to alter, change, delete, add or otherwise modify its terms  and conditions of use, and users of the site are advised to check the GFHSCW terms and conditions for updates and/or revisions.

Advertising and Third Party Applications:
GFHSCW may, at its discretion or without its express permission from anyone, include links to other websites (Third Parties) or include advertising over which it may or may not have control, and cannot be held responsible or liable for the contents of said websites and advertising. GFHSCW may or may not be providing this information as a perceived benefit to you, the viewer of its website, but inclusion of said information cannot in any way be considered an endorsement or approval of the contents of the information being provided.                       

Authorized and Unauthorized use of GFHSCW Website:
Access to and of GFHSCW does not, in any way, authorize the viewer use of any part, page, information, photographs, endorsements, caricatures, recipes, products, comments, descriptions, et al as seen at the GFHSCW website for purposes other than down loading a specific recipe(s).. The viewer may not, by any means available to them, damage, destroy, copy, transmit, delete, add to, revise or otherwise disable the GFHSCW website. Viewers are restricted as to what information they may obtain from use of the GFHSCW  website which has been intentionally provided by GFHSCW for exclusive use of its viewers to obtain relevant gluten-free recipes and related information. 

Use of Ancillary Information from using of GFHSCW:
In the course of providing gluten-free recipes and related information, GFHSCW offers viewers the opportunity to interact with the providers of GFHSCW and its viewers including, but not limited to, blogs, chat groups, electronic and print media, social networking sites including, but not limited to Twitter, Face Book, MySpace, Google Wave,, Tweet deck, Orissa, community forums, and so on. GFHSCW  will facilitate the connection to these avenues of communications but by doing so it does not imply endorsement by itself or by any persons connected to the technical or administrative management of the GRHSCW website.      

Your Responsibilities When Using GRHSCW:
By accessing, using or referencing GRHSCW – its recipes and related information –  the viewer agrees to the following conditions:
User will not intimidate, threaten, cause anguish or otherwise be disrespectful to others who are communicating via GRHSCW  channels.
User will not download information from GRHSCW for the purpose of benefitting by monetary gain and may not upload information from GRHSCW for the purposes of initiating a product, website or reference material that would be identical in a competitive framework.
User will not intentionally cause the ‘infection’ any person’s hardware with viruses that could in any way be associated with GRHSCW. 
User will not use GRHSCW for their own commercial gain by including pages, pictures or information that are the legal property of GRHSCW.

GRHSCW is able to, within limits, monitor the use of those who are communicating with the persons responsible for the website but it is not  feasible to monitor every communication. GRHSCW will make every effort to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible and reserves the right to identify the user at its website unless notified that the user does not want to be identified.

GRHSCW Disclaimer:
1. The recipe and general information provided at GRHSCW was/is accurate at the time the website was developed and by subsequent updates, but manufacturers often change their product ingredient composition which could cause a gluten-free item to become a gluten item. Extreme caution by the viewer in checking the ingredients list is needed to avoid any kind of adverse affect that a recipe may cause. Therefore, GRHSCW cannot accept any legal or monetary responsibility in the event a product ingredient has changed with the result that it causes the user pain and suffering.

2. Different geographic areas (United States, Canada, Europe, et al)  have different laws governing the responsibility of a provider of information such as what GRHSCW does, and many do not allow legal action if such action refers to consequential or incidental damages. If you have had a negative reaction/ experience using the recipes and information provided by GRHSCW or any of its referred to products,  your only remedy is to immediately cease use of  any recipes or information provided by GRHSCW.

The names of  companies and/or their products used in GRHSCW recipes are solely the property of the identified companies.