Gluten Free Hot Dogs & Baked Beans

GF Hot Dogs

Comment: Unfortunately we have not been successful baking our own GF hot dog rolls despite having tried numerous GF cookbook recipes so we serve hot dogs wrapped in a slice of Homemade or Commercial bread or on a plate usually with baked beans. There are, however, a number of Commercial rolls that you may want to try.
Cooking time:
10 minutes

2 all-beef hot dogs (or chicken)
1 8oz can of Bushs Baked Beans
1 tbls vegetable oil
In 8" fry pan add the oil, turn the burner to medium heat, add the hot dogs and cook to the way you like them turning frequently to prevent burning. At the same time you begin cooking the hot dogs open the can of baked beans and heat in a small pan on the cooktop or glass bowl in a micro for 2 minutes.
Condiments: Mustard, Relish, Ketchup, Hot Sauce