Gluten Free BLT


Comment: Sandwiches – on bread or bun – are staples not only at lunch but any time during the day or night. A sandwich with a glass of milk, a Coke, a beer, hot chocolate, juice or by itself is a welcome treat and enjoyed by all and what better than a classic “BLT’.
Cooking time:
10 minutes (to cook bacon)

2 slices HomeMade or Commercial GF Bread or one HomeMade or Commercial GF Bun
3 slices of bacon, (crispy)
2 lettuce leaves
3 slices tomato
2 tsp Mayo
  1. Defrost bread in micro 60 seconds, afterwards toasting on a light-toast setting
  2. Cook bacon in an 8” fry pan until crispy and then lay on a paper towel to dry
  3. Take toasted bread and lay 1 piece of lettuce first, bacon, tomato and then the 2nd piece of lettuce
  4. Spread Mayo
  5. Cut in half and serve.
Condiments: Pickles, Potato Chips
Sides: Potato Salad, French Fries