Gluten Free Beef Enchiladas

GF Beef Enchiladas

Comment: These are a favorite and quick to make providing you have the corn tortillas. Usually 3 to a person and the recipe below is for one person; double for 2, triple for 3, etc.
Cooking time:
10 minutes

3 5" round corn tortillas
¼ lb ground beef
3 rounded tbls shredded cheddar cheese
3 rounded tbls medium or hot salsa (degree of hotness depends on you)
1 tbls canned corn
  1. In a 10" fry pan brown the beef and strain. Return the beef to the pan and add the salsa and corn stirring together until well mixed and allow to heat. Add the cheese and melt.
  2. At this stage of preparation, take one tortilla, splash it with cold water (not a lot but enough to wet it) and micro for 20 seconds which should soften it making it easy to fold. Leave the Enchilada mix in the fry pan but move it to where you can easily access it and scoop enough to fill one soften tortilla. While doing this, get your next tortilla ready. Once you have filled the tortilla fold it and pin a toothpick through the fold to keep it together or leave it open to add Condiments. Repeat the same process until all 3 have been made.
Condiments: Hot Sauce, Sour Cream