Gluten Free Chicken Broth

The broths we list here are used throughout our recipes and it’s good to have them on hand for immediate use vs having to make them as needed. They are relatively simple to make, easy to freeze and easy to defrost.  You can add your own choice of spices, vegetables and cuts of meat so use these as starters.
gf Chicken Broth Comment: There are two ways of doing this. One is to use bones and leftovers from a chicken roast after you have sliced off the meat and the other is to start off with fresh chicken legs, wings or bone-in breast. Either way you’ll end up with a flavorful broth to be used as needed.
Cooking time:
2 hours
1.5 - 2 quarts

Ingredients:homemade chicken broth
1 leftover 2-3 pound roasted chicken or 2 pounds fresh chicken wings, legs and/or bone-in chicken breasts
2.5 - 3 quarts water
1 large onion, pealed and sliced
1 large green pepper, sliced
2 carrots (with tops if available) chopped into 3 inch pieces
Salt & pepper to taste

Everything into a 5 quart stock pot w/lid. Bring to a boil and lower to a simmer stirring occasionally adding water as it evaporates. When done strain the liquid into a bowl, allow to cool and place in fridge overnight.  Next day scrape off the fat which will have risen to the top and solidified, and pour the liquid into common ice cube trays and 8 fluid ounce quantities into small zip lock freezer bags and freeze everything. When a recipe calls for 2 ounces of chicken broth, use 2 cubes; when a receipe calls for 8 ounces, use one freezer bag – defrosting in a micro.