Gluten Free Bread Crumbs
Preparing & Storage

Gillian's French Rolls for gluten free breadcrumbs Comment: It is not questionable that bread crumbs are a necessity for a number of our recipes including Macaroni & Cheese, fried fish, fried chicken, stuffed mushrooms, meatloaf, etc. but in a fun way, it is questionable how you go about stocking bread crumbs in your kitchen pantry. One of us prefers to buy them ready-made from a supplier like Gillian’s while the other prefers to buy Gillian’s French Rolls and do-it-yourself. If you buy them ready made, it’s a fait accompli but if you choose to make them yourself, here’s how to do it.
Drying time:
Two days (approximate)
2 ¾ pounds
2 packages of 6 rolls each of Gillian’s Frozen French Rolls
Preparation: gf bread crumbs
  1. The first step is to allow the frozen rolls to air dry until you can begin to break them apart which usually takes an hour or two. Then, with your hands, crumble the 12 rolls into small chunks which will be ‘wet’ from defrosting and spread the chunks in two baking pans or on 2 baking trays and allow to air dry in a dust-free environment. Periodically throughout the day crumble the crumbs into smaller bits turning them as you do so as to bring the bottom layer to the top for more air exposure. Next day, repeat the crumbling process and later you should begin to achieve dry crumbs the size that you are familiar with if store-bought, and you can now separate those from the larger bits by putting the crumbs in a tight kitchen-type strainer and shaking through the finer bits. Repeat the crumbing process until you can’t reduce the bits in size (they will be air-dry-hard) and then use an electric blender (or food processor) for a quick grind to finish off the bits but don’t grind them to a powder.
  2. It’s probably a good idea to preheat your oven to 140 degrees and once at that temperature shut it off and put your air-dried bread crumbs in the oven to completely dry before storing in a closed, air-tight container because if they go into the container not completely dry they will mold and you cannot use them. (You may want to repeat the oven process a 2nd or 3rd time but be careful not to ‘bake’ the crumbs.)
Making Bread CrumbsHomemade Breadcrumbs
Is the time & effort to home dry the bread crumbs worth it? One of us thinks so, the other doesn’t so it’s up to you how to stock bread crumbs in your kitchen pantry. Good luck.