Gluten Free Yellow Cake

gluten free cake recipe

Betty Crocker, a product brand of General Mills, has come out with a line of dessert mixes that are truly simple to make, consistent in quality and each with its distinctive taste and characteristics which makes them an excellent choice for a variety of desserts. Congratulations to General Mills for producing these products!

Ingredients:Gluten Free Yellow Cake
Buy the product in a box that contains the applicable mix at the more progressive super markets and follow instructions on the back adding whatever is called for – be it butter, eggs, milk, etc., but all regular pantry items.  You can add other ingredients as we do – ½ cup chopped walnuts to the Brownies and/or chocolate Chip Cookies and/or raisins. And what would cakes be without either Chocolate or Vanilla frostings? We use the Duncan Hines brand of frostings and frost the cakes according to individual tastes – often combining two frostings on one cake.

General Comment on Desserts:
Our gf dessert recipes and/or suggestions are those that are, for the most part, developed by homemakers, authors of cookbooks or nationally known companies that we find easy to make and have hit the spot with us. We do add or subtract here and there, an example being a crumble-crust-topping for Pillsbury’s Apple Pie recipe, but we credit the original source at each recipe and add our own experience in the preparation of the dessert.