Gluten Free Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Comment: Lacking a ‘top’ for our crust we put together a crumble topping which is quite satisfactory and even brings the pie into the apple crumb arena so you end up with the best of both worlds. The ingredients for the pie filling and directions are those of Pillsbury; the crumb recipe is ours.
Cooking time:
40-45 minutes @ 425 degrees
6-8 slices

Ingredients:gluten free pie crust
For pie shell:
Frozen pie shell from Gillian’s or Whole Foods
1 egg, beaten
For filling:
6 cups thinly sliced, peeled apples (we use Macintosh)
¾ cup sugar
¾ tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp salt
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1 tbls lemon juice
For topping:
4 tbls butter, cold (10 minutes out of fridge)
4 tbls flour
½ tsp ground cinnamon
Of pie shell:
Remove from freezer. Each company says to defrost but we don’t.  We take it out of the freezer when we begin to prepare the filling and use it when we’re ready to fill it – semi frozen or not. Beat the egg and brush the bottom and sides of the shell, set aside.
Of filling:
In a large bowl, combine all filling ingredients; mix lightly. Spoon into pie shell.
Of topping:
In a small bowl slice the butter into small pieces and begin working the flour into the butter with your hands adding small amounts of flour as you proceed. Mix, add flour, mix. Mix, add flour, mix until you have ‘crumbs’ and then spread those crumbs as evenly as you can over the pie topping.
To bake pie:
Put the pie into your preheated 450 degree oven (with a cookie sheet right below it to catch dripping liquid) and bake until you see liquid bubbles appearing along the edges of the pie shell. But 20 minutes into the baking time top the pie with a vegetable-sprayed sheet of alum. foil which will prevent the crumbs from burning.  When baked, remove from oven, place on a wire cookie sheet and cool.
Condiments: Ice Cream, Cool Whip

General Comment on Desserts:
Our gf dessert recipes and/or suggestions are those that are, for the most part, developed by homemakers, authors of cookbooks or nationally known companies that we find easy to make and have hit the spot with us. We do add or subtract here and there, an example being a crumble-crust-topping for Pillsbury’s Apple Pie recipe, but we credit the original source at each recipe and add our own experience in the preparation of the dessert.