Satisfying a Multi Choice Gluten Free Appetite

Gluten-Free Soups, Chowders, Stocks and Broth Recipes

Below are the recipes for our Gluten-free soups, chowders, stocks and broth recipes. 

The stocks and broths we list here are used throughout our recipes and it’s good to have them on hand for immediate use vs having to make them as needed. They are relatively simple to make, easy to freeze and easy to defrost. You can add your own choice of spices, vegetables and cuts of meat so use these as starters.

Homemade gluten-free chowders are usually characterized by being thick and creamy made so by adding cream along with vegetables, liquids and often with a splash wine which makes for a tasty and filling meal.

Our homemade gluten-free soup recipes, othe the other hand, are usually made up of thin liquids with lots of vegetables with or without meats added and a chicken soup, for example, is medically known to give the immune system a boost to neutralize and ease the symptoms of the common cold.   

We recently bought Pacific Natural Foods’ Organic French Onion and Organic Creamy Tomato (32 once containers) and were very pleased. We added Gillian’s gluten-free garlic croutons and shredded cheddar cheese to the onion soup which really made it delicious.

We’re always on the lookout for new GF soups which are increasingly finding their way into the marketplace and as we learn about them, we’ll pass the information on to you and likewise, as you come across any that deserve mention, please take a moment to let us know and we’ll post the news for all to share.

You are welcome to use any of our gluten-free recipes that appear throughout our website and please feel free to contact us with any comments you care to make, and if you wish to submit your own favorite gluten-free receipe, please go to our Comment page and do so.

We look forward to hearing from you.