Satisfying a Multi Choice Gluten Free Appetite

Gluten-Free Polish Borsch

Comment: By any other name – Borscht, Borschch, Borsht, Barszcz – and whether you use tomatoes or beets or neither, serve it hot or cold, it’s still a tasty, light soup, almost a broth, and one that you’ll enjoy serving. Ours is simple, easy to make using only a couple of ingredients and we prefer serving it hot over gluten-free Elbow macaroni or scoops of mashed potatoes.

Cooking time:
45 minutes


1 14 ounce Hillshire Farm Beef Polska Kielbasa
4 cups water
¾ cup sour cream
16 ounces gluten-free Elbow macaroni
Salt to taste


  1. In a 3 quart pan w/lid, add water and Kielbasa, bring to a boil, lower the heat to a simmer and pierce the Kielbasa with a fork which will release the internal juices of the meat into the liquid. Simmer 30 minutes.
  2. Remove the Kielbasa, slice into bite-sized pieces and serve ½ as a party snack with mustard and return the rest to the broth (or use all as a party snack/or all returned to the broth).
  3. Place the sour cream in a bowl and take 1 cup of broth and slowly whisk it into the sour cream being careful not to cause a ‘separation’ of the two ingredients; you want a smooth blend.
  4. Add the sour cream and broth mixture to the pan of broth, whisking, adding sour salt to taste, and serve over elbows.
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