Satisfying a Multi Choice Gluten Free Appetite

Gluten-Free Pantry Items

When we first started out, it came as somewhat of a shock to us to find that some of the everyday Condiments that we use contained Gluten.  This meant a careful study of the label but even if it didn’t explicitly state “GF” then we still didn’t trust it.  So, this led us on all types of research adventures -of course using the web sites but 20+ years ago, this wasn’t always easy.  We spent many hours on Manufacturer’s help lines, making notes, scouring articles in print, and in some cases, just avoiding something because we weren’t 100% certain it was gluten-free.

So, we have consolidated a list of items below that we use in preparing our gluten-free recipes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Some of these are everyday kitchen pantry items that you’ll have on hand no matter what. Others are specialty items produced by companies not available in every supermarket but on those we try to provide at least one source of purchase. As you travel this route you will find your own suppliers/products and through the trial & reject method, decide which ones you like best.

Important: Obviously, all food ingredients throughout this website must be gluten-free but the protein gluten is such a common ingredient in everyday food & beverage products.  So always check and recheck content labels as manufacturers can change the content of their products without prior notice.

Basic Pantry Items;

Gluten-free Flour:  You will find a wide variety of use for a gluten-free flour which can be purchased from a selection online or from your local Supermarket.  We often use King Arthur’s Gluten-Free Flour and Bob’s Red Mill.  We have more details on our Gluten-Free Bread Recipe page.

Xanthan gum:  When putting together gluten-free baking doughs and batters one important ingredient is  Xanthan Gun which acts as a thickening agent and helps to maintain moisture, structure and elasticity. It is also used in yogurt, sauces and dressings.  We often use Bob’s Red Mills.

Pasta: A needed pantry item is dry, gluten-free pasta and there is seemingly an endless variety to choose from including Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccine, Lasagna, Rigatoni, Spirals, Noodles, Elbows and more so be sure you have one or more on hand. 

Macaroni & Cheese: Store-bought Mac & Cheese can be expensive so we use a combination of Gluten-Free Elbow macaroni as your pasta base and buy a package of Kraft Mac&Cheese which is usually inexpensive. Discard their boxed pasta or save for a non-gluten sensitive appetite but use their gluten free in-box Cheese Sauce Mix and follow their suggested preparation directions. But do not use their pasta as it is not gluten-free.  

Soups: If not Homemade there are a wide variety of commercial canned gluten-free soups and chowders for a quick snack.  We prefer Progresso as they have a variety of gluten-free products including their Rich & Hearty, Chicken Corn Soup.

Canned Tomatoes, Vegetables and Chick Peas:  Naturally gluten-free, tomatoes, beans, beets, corn, peas, spinach, carrots, asparagus and chick peas are staples.  A favorite of our is Cento’s San Marzano’s.

Pre-Packaged Rice: There are many commercial flavorful packaged rice dishes that are quick and easy to prepare. Lundberg’s Organic Whole Grain Black Beans & Rice is one to try.   

Dry Cereals: Many brand names are available including Rice Chex Cereal.  We found the search for gluten-free cereal has gotten easier over time as many advertise directly on the box.  In the absence of a clear label, take caution.

Pizza Crust & Sauce: Try Chebe for crust – easy to put together and a favorite of ours.  We like Classico for pizza sauce and often buy it bulk.

Broths Chicken & Beef: If you don’t have Homemade in your freezer then buy packaged as you will need either stocks throughout your recipes.  Kirkland makes a great gluten-free Stock that is organic as well.

Taco Powder, Shells, Tortillas, Sauce: For the Powder, we’ll often make Homemade or keep a few packets of McCormick on hand and Old El Paso for shells and Tortillas.

Crushed Red Pepper: We often make our own but we’ll also keep some McCormick’s in stock for the pantry.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Filipp Berio labels their Olive Oil brands gluten free.

Vinegar: Distilled, White, Balsamic, and Apple Cider are gluten-free

Brown Sugar: Brown sugar is naturally gluten-free but could be cross contaminated during manufacturing.  Domino specifically states that their brown sugar is gluten-free.

Confectionary Sugar: Dominos Confectionary Sugar is naturally gluten-free. 

Garlic Croutons: Home Made or Olivia’s gluten-free croutons but also see our Gluten-Free Bread Page for some homemade ideas.

Honey: Kirkland honey is naturally gluten free.

Hot Sauce: Frank’s is our #1 brand

Maple Syrup: Natural maple syrup is gluten-free –Pancake [style] syrups should be avoided.

Mustard: French’s Classic no fat, no gluten (and 0 calories)

Potato Chips: Potato chips are naturally gluten-free so be sure and check the labels. carefully.  We like Cape Cod brands.

Tortilla Chips:  Frito-Lay makes Tostitos Chips and are a favorite.

Refrigerator/Freezer Items;

Milk/Butter/Margarine: Many brand names, including Land O Lakes produce naturally gluten-free butter & Margarine.  Hood brand and unflavored milk is gluten-free.  All types of cow’s milk are naturally gluten-free but if flavored may contain gluten additives including thickeners, malt and modified food starch.

Cream Cheese/Sour Cream. Without additives cream cheese is gluten-free and the Philadelphia brand provides a choice of selections.  Full-fat cream cheese is usually gluten free but if any ingredients are added, gluten-free has to be verified.

Cool Whip: Kraft Cool Whip is gluten free but be careful over which you plan to spread the product.  

A1 Steak Sauce: Does not contain gluten-ingredients but is not manufactured to be gluten-free. 

Ice Cream: Not all ice cream brands are gluten free and must be checked before consuming.  Manufacturer’s can add gluten containing ingredients including starches or flavoring.

Ketchup:  Heinz uses distilled vinegar made from corn, not wheat, to make their ketchup.

Parmesan Cheese: There are many types of Parmesan cheese available and we often purchase it in bloks to shred ourseleves, however we do also buy BelGioioso as we find that has a very pleasing taste.

Provolone, Ricotta and Swiss Cheese:  These are typically gluten-free but check the product label to know if any additives are there.

Pickles: All of Mt. Olive products are gluten-free

Ranch Dressing: Ken’s Foods provides a number of gluten free salad dressings including Ranch. Try their dressings on gluten-free pasta for a change from a red sauce.

Relish: Heinz Sweet Relish is a favorite

Soy Sauce: Most soy sauce varieties are not gluten free; Tamari soy sauce is generally made without wheat and is, therefore gluten-free. San-J Tamari Soy Sauce is 100% soy, gluten-free

Sweet & Sour Sauce: It is gluten-free if made without gluten ingredients If thickening agent is wheat, it is not gluten-free. Right from the bottle, Kikkoman sauce is ready to use.  

Taco Sauce: Pace’( Campbell Soup Co.) Original Restaurant Style Salsa, among many flavors, is/are gluten-free.

Beer/Wine: Most beer is made of malted barley, grains and hops and is not gluten free but we found Redbridge -which is.  Most wine if considered gluten-free and in addition, many flavors including Sherry, Port, Burgundy and Merlot are considered also gluten-free. 

Soft Drinks: Coca-Cola does not contain gluten and most types of soda are gluten-free but labels must be checked for any gluten-containing ingredients.