Satisfying a Multi Choice Gluten Free Appetite

About Us

From a cooking perspective there isn’t a lot to tell -we’re just a couple that enjoyed home style cooking and experimenting with different recipes for years.  These include various Ethnic generation pass downs -including Italian, Polish and Irish influences, to newly discovered recipes in various publications or just simply the need for mixing things up (pun intended).

Then, 25+ years ago we had to alter all of our cooking methods, style and ingredients to include Gluten-Free on account of a Celiac diagnose for a family member.

This was an extraordinary challenge and it took years to not only learn how Gluten appeared in common supermarket products, but perfecting dishes to be completely Gluten-free was something completely new to us.

Never ones to walk away from a challenge we took this as learning opportunity to build on our past experiences and begin infusing the recipes with the requirement of Gluten-Free.  At first it was somewhat shocking to discover how Gluten creeps into every day condiments, or find out that foods were processed in the same places that non-Gluten Free food and that this wasn’t considered safe for Celiac patients to eat.  In addition, when we started out there was not much in the way of Gluten-Free specific products readily available so we needed to adapt fairly quickly in order to sustain a good healthy diet.

Since then, Gluten-free products have come a very long way and various diets that have pushed GF free foods, -even if it is for Gluten Sensitive individuals, low card diets or back to Celiac requirements, we’re excited to have so many more options now available.

But with all that is available, we still continue to cook in our home style methods and we hope that the recipes here on our site can help you adapted as needed.  If the product is something that is specific GF then we call it out, but for those basic recipes that just don’t have Gluten in them, that is what we’re really about.

Thank-you for viewing and please, leave us a comment and/or recipe so we can try it out and we’ll credit you if it finds its way here.