Gluten Free Waffles

GF Waffles
1 ½ cups Pamela's Mix
2 eggs
¾ cup water (we use milk)
1 tbls oil
1 tbls blueberries (optional)

Comment:gluten free waffles
We prefer to use premixed packaged waffle mix from either Pamela’s or Bob’s Red Mill vs starting from scratch as it’s easier, quicker and the finished waffles are very good. The trick is in the actual cooking of the batter which we attempt to explain under Preparation (below). Trader Joe’s has frozen waffles that you pop in a toaster and they’re good.
Cooking time:
5-10 minutes


  1. Spray your cold waffle iron with nonstick cooking spray (top & bottom) and heat. While heating prepare the waffle mix according to directions on the package – adding a little more water or milk to get the right consistency (it can be the same thickness as stirred up sour cream) and add blueberries or fruits if desired.
  2. Occasionally lift the lid of the waffle iron until you notice light smoke rising which will mean the iron is hot enough for the batter and pour enough into the center of the iron until it begins reaching for the perimeter; don’t over fill as it will ooze out when you close the lid.
  3. When you begin to see moisture seeping out along the edges of the iron, carefully lift the lid and if it lifts without any of the batter sticking to the top and the waffle is a golden brown, it’s done. Add butter, margarine, sour cream or syrup and enjoy.
Sides: Bacon, Sausages, Home Fries, Corned Beef Hash